About Me

                                                       Hi I'm Jennifer!

I am 16 years old. I live in Dublin, Ireland!

I am obsessed with all things beauty related. I love makeup, skincare, hair-care, tanning, clothing the list goes on! In my blog I write about the products I love, my reviews and recommendations and my overall experiences with all things beauty!

Over the years I have watched YouTube, I love to watch beauty videos. After many failed attempts of trying to film my own beauty videos, I think blogging is a perfect solution for me! I don't have to sit in front of that dreaded camera, and I can write from the comfort of my own home. Creating my own YouTube channel is a dream of mine but I have to work on myself first, I am shy and clumsy and also quite crazy, but I think for now blogging is perfect for me, I can share my passion for beauty and one day I will eventually build up the courage and make YouTube videos!

JensBeautyBible is a place where I discuss a range of topics like, my favourite low-end to high-end products. Dupes for expensive products. Are some expensive products worth the hype and money. I will always give my honest opinion, because I think we have all invested in expensive products after hearing great reviews only to be heartbroken because they don't live up to your expectations, RIP money. I will talk all about my hair care, skincare, beauty routine, and the products that I love! I will post regularly advice and my tips on certain subjects and my opinions on them, I think it would be a nice change from all the beauty blogs, and to show I can be versatile with my writing to you all is important.

Hopefully JensBeautyBible will help you learn a bunch of new things all about beauty, and maybe introduce you to your future holy grail products! I will always give my honest opinion and together we can find our ultimate beauty buys that we can't live without!!

If you enjoy my blog, I would love if you could share it with your friends! It would be a dream to have people read my blog and that I could interact with you all. I do blogging as a fun hobby,and to feed my obsession for beauty!

If you have any ideas/suggestions/questions fire away! I would be delighted to hear from you all!

                                                                           Jen x

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