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Have you read part one of two, in part one I explain, why it is you are getting spots, & what they mean!

Anyone is capable of improving their skin..
Try to drink more water, 2 litres daily!
The difference in my skin was unbelievable!
Getting into a skin routine, being aware of the products that are being put on your skin.
Taking off your makeup at night, I cannot express how important it is to take your makeup off, even if you use a wipe, leaving your face on will block your pores & cause it to breakout!
These are simple things that can do the most damage to your skin.

Realise what category your skin type is in & that you have to work with it, it's hard to know..

  • Normal to dry.
  • Combination.
  • Oily..
These are the different skin types, my personal skin type is combination, meaning I have quite dry skin in areas, yet I am oily on my forehead, & the sides of nose.. Very common!

These products I mention are suitable for all skin types!

Lets start with my face wash & makeup removal!

Face Wash:
I use 'LA ROCHE POSAY' Effaclar Duo: Facial wash:
This stuff is AMAZING!!
It is a gel like formula, that cleanses the skin. A little goes a long way, and has a nice foamy consistency once mixed in with water! 
It leaves the skin feeling very clean & fresh, and it dries out my spots, yet it doesn't dry my skin out!
This is great for removing my makeup!
I would use this first thing in the morning & last thing at night!
One thing I will say, don't put this product in contact with your eyes, it stings like F!!

Available from Donaghmede Pharmacy/Boots: 13.49 (euro)


Cleanser & toner:
I personally don't use a proper cream cleanser, as I feel these products cleanse my skin enough & I don't want to overdue it! It happens!
This product cleanses & tones in one anyway!

Boots Witch Hazel & Tree Tree Oil Cleanser & Toner:
This is a range that Boots themselves developed, & the products available are amazing!!
They have it all!
Tea Tree acts as an antibacterial to remove any dirt.
Witch Hazel has a calming effect on the skin.
I use this product on a cotton pad, straight after using the facial wash, & one thing I will say, if you even think you have washed your makeup off completely ,think again, the amount of makeup that was still on my skin was incredible, which definitely had a part to play in my pores being so blocked!
Again it leaves the skin feeling very fresh & clean, and I do enjoy the scent, but it is one of these things were, not everyone will!
Don't put this in contact with your eyes! It is too strong & will sting them!
Available only at Boots chemist, retailing for 4.79 (euro) Bargain!

I use a separate eye makeup remover! (Lancome Bi-Facil)

LA ROCHE POSAY Effaclar Duo+
Where would I be without you!!
This is a holy grail product that lasts!
I use it more so as a treatment cream more so than a moisturiser, I use my Olay moisturiser to moisturise!
I apply this first thing in the morning & the last thing at night, I apply it straight onto my problem areas, and when I first used it, within days of using the product, my spots were vanished gone!!
I couldn't believe it, a product that actually worked for me, I continued to use it, and I still do to this day, & it helps to control my spots!
Not suitable for the eye area.
It feels so lightweight on the skin, you don't even feel it on your skin!!
Fab product!
Buy it, you won't be sorry!!
Available from Donaghmede Pharmacy/Boots, retailing for 17.49 (euro)
Worth every cent, I've had mine 6+ months!

Treatments on prescriptions/tablets:
For a very long time, not too long ago, before I got into the routine that I am in now, I suffered very badly with my skin, the spots just were not shifting & my confidence was at an all time low..
My mam brought me to a clinic, & there we spoke to a dermatologist about my skin, and she asked me did I want to be put on the contraceptive pill, because for some ladies, that helps clear their skin,
I wasn't there for that reason, but to just gain some clarity & try some products that would hopefully help me. 

I got prescribed a very popular treatment DUAC: 
This is a treatment product, that helps clear any unwanted spots, it is very important to know how to use this cream.
To know you use this product sparingly, a dot for each spot is plenty, there is a bleach type chemical in the ingredients, that will in fact bleach your pillows, & if you use more than you should, your skin!
This dried my skin out so much, that I was peeling of the flakes (sorry too much info).
The consistency is like a light gel, yet, feels thick and heavy on the skin.. 
Not for under makeup!
A lot of people make the mistake, you use this product at night time, & do not wear this product in direct sunlight during the day.. Very important to note!
It is super strong, & I would recommend that you give your skin a break from it once in a while!
This was not nearly as effective as my effaclar duo+
I would recommend the DUAC cream for someone with Acne, as my skin was arguably not very bad, & I feel it would work for more acne sufferers, not little old me with breakouts..
It was too strong for me!

I also got prescribed an antibiotic TETRALYSAL:  
I am currently taking it & you have to be so patient with this, & take a tablet once a day, I only saw results two months in.
Just like any tablets, you really need to get them into your system to see the results!
Tetralysal, is a special formulated antibiotic for acne/spot sufferers, so it would help a lot more than an ordinary antibiotic!
I am seeing the results & loving it, if you to request an antibiotic, ask for this one!

Pore strips:
If you find yourself, getting blackheads, whiteheads, yellow heads (it's like a rainbow with spots)
on your nose, I recommend using a pore strip, not only are the super cheap, they are super effective!
I would recommend using for no longer than once a week, it's not necessary to use them any more than you should.
I use the Montagne Jeunesse brand available in Donaghmede Pharmacy/Boots/Dunnes Stores..
You get three in a pack!
The price, 2- 2.50 (euro).

That is not the pack they come in by the way, that is a sealed pore strip..

That is what I have been loving to use on my skin to get rid of/prevent spots & it is my go-to dream team, very reliable products!
Especially the witch hazel/tea tree toner, I couldn't believe the makeup
that came off, what I thought my freshly washed face!
& the effaclar duo, AMAZING!!

Hopefully this helps, I took a lot of time to put this together, & hopefully you have learned something new!

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Hi everyone!

This is going to be a long 2-part blog, grab a cuppa & lets get started..

Yes I know, spots is just an awful topic, & even worse when you have to deal with them, I hear you!

Spots can be very embarrassing for some people, we all go through it, but there is always ways around it, a proper skin routine, a good concealer, & realising spots don't last forever, & you will get through I promise!!

Let me start by saying I have tried EVERY remedy, lotion & potion on the market that claims to help our problematic skin, I have paid a lot of money, & paid little or none over the past 3-4 years..
I have finally gathered up my absolute HOLY GRAIL products, products that I myself use on a daily basis, and are actually very, very affordable & last a long time!

What in the world is a face map!?
Let's rewind shall we..
Okay why is it that your skin is breaking out..

Could it be any products you use?
I have used products in the past which made me breakout & I never even noticed until things got bad! For example, try not use full coverage foundations every single day, the sweat cannot rise to the surface of the skin, causing block pores, leading to breakouts, & the truth of the matter is you are gorgeous the way you are & I doubt you need the coverage that you think you do..
Foundations like, MAC Studio Fix & Estee Lauder Double Wear, are the true villains..

Yeah, yeah yeah, we have heard this being said a billion things, but cutting back on the junk makes you look & feel so much better! I mean come on, was that 10 pack of Kit Kats, the curry & 2 packs of jellies worth it.. In all seriousness I am no angel, I eat what I want, but it's all about the balance, I try to remain healthy during the week, & then go crazy on the weekends, it has to be done..

The photo pictured at the bottom of the page, is called a 'Face Map'.
This shows that if you find yourself suffering from breakouts in a certain area in particular, what are your spots telling you?

1 & 2: Digestive System: Decrease your junk food, fatty foods, & processed food intake & drink plenty of water!

3: Liver: Cut down on the dairy,greasy/oily foods & the main one alcohol.. The best thing to do in this situation is to try 30-60 minutes of light exercise, I love to walk! & Sleep!!

4 & 5: Kidneys: Anything around the eye area (even dark circles) show signs of dehydration, drink up & no that does not mean alcohol.. ;)

6: Heart: Keep track of your vitamin B levels, your blood pressure, & cholesterol, which can affect anyone, no matter how young or old you are! Cut down on the spicy foods, hint hint at the girlies who love an ol' spicebag time to time..  Again light exercise to keep that heart ticking girl!

7 & 8: Kidneys: Kidneys again?? Yes, they have made a comeback, okay so cut down on the alcohol, & also fizzy drinks & coffee, believe it or not they make you even more thirsty, providing a lack of hydration, water is the way!

9 & 10: Respiratory system: Are you a smoker? Live with someone who constantly smokes around you, or do you suffer from allergies? Maybe both, don't let your body overheat, eat more cooling foods, cut down on the sugar, & get some fresh air! Avoid acidic foods, alcohol, sugar, crisps, takeaways, fast food, & add some veggies into the mix, thank me later!

11 & 12: Hormones: Yes, this is one of the most popular zones to breakout as women, whether it's the time of the month, if you are experiencing any hormonal changes, or general stress these can be common factors that leads to this zone breaking out. Get sleep, keep a nice skin routine going, & do some light exercise this helps a lotttt!!

13: Stomach: More fibre, more fibre, more fibre!! Your digestive system is so important! 
Get more brown foods into you, brown pasta, brown bread & cereal, bran flakes, cut the junk & herbal tea helps too!

14: Illness: This could be a sign that your body is fighting a bacteria to avoid illness, if you have a past with suffering from a weak immune system that could be the reason, it isn't as bad as it sounds, I don't want to worry anyone, but a trip to doc if your concerns grow any further wouldn't hurt..
Sleep regularly, try combat that stress, relax, do yoga, meditate, & drink plenty of water, & realise it is all going to be okay!

Stay tuned for part 2, to see my holy grail products for spots, tried & tested! XO

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Hi everyone,

Did the Queen B herself reveal some big news??

Earlier today the 33 year old beauty Beyonce posted a picture of herself on a beach while on her trip, covered in sand revealing what looks like a baby bump?!

Click on the link above & see for yourself..

What do we all think, is this a clever way of revealing a little brother or sister on the way for Blue Ivy, or is Beyonce having the last laugh..

I'll keep you all updated..

Until next time,
Jen xo