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Matt Prokop & Sarah Hyland

Stunning Modern Family star Sarah Hyland (23) secures a temporary restraining order from long time boyfriend actor Matt Prokop (24).

According to the star, Prokop was abusive for the past four years of their five year relationship.

Hyland alleges that Prokop threatened to set her home on fire and made threats to harm her pet!

Court statement issued by Hyland were obtained by TMZ. According to the statement, it was said Prokop pinned Hyland to her car and verbally abused her!

Sarah states 'I was scared and in fear of my life'.

How she got help by one of her co-stars!

Hyland explains to the papers how she got help from Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen to help end the relationship peacefully.

Apparently Prokop lost his temper when he arrived to the intervention, and this is when Julie Bowen stepped in and told Hyland to get out of there!

Life after Matt..

Apparently the threats didn't stop there, Sarah states that Matt 'relentlessly bombarded me with me vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voice mails including his own suicide threats'.

My thoughts?

I am really shocked. I loved them as a couple, and they both seemed very affectionate and loving towards one another. I never thought that Matt Prokop would ever be an abusive person.
Watching them in the Disney film 'Geek Charming' and then finding out they went out in reality my heart melted!

I hope that Matt gets the help he needs, and Sarah has the support of friends, family and fellow co-stars during this difficult time.

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