Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Hi everyone!

It seems like the only way is up for the 22 year old beauty Cara Delevingne!

Originally from the UK Cara is making a name for herself worldwide appearing in Victoria Secret!
The runway for Chanel! Being the face of Topshop and Burberry!
Not to mention she starred in the 2012 hit adaption of 'Anna Karenina' and next year, she will be alongside Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried in 'Pan'.

Cara has been announced as the lead in a hugely anticipated film!
Drum roll please...
Cara will be playing the role of Margo in Paper Towns, based on the novel by John Green!
John Green is best known for writing the amazing novel The Fault in our Stars!!

The plot of the book focuses on Cara's character Margo, who runs away from home, leaving clues behind to lead her friend Quentin to her hiding place (how sweet!)
Nat Wolff, who played Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars will take on the part of Quentin!

Maybe you're thinking, what's so special about Cara, she only got the role because of her fame!
Well don't be so sure, it seemed like everyone was blown away by Cara's audition including Mr. John Green himself!
Tweeting: 'Cara Delevingne's audition blew everyone away, (including me!) and she understands Margo profoundly. I am so excited!

Director Jake Schreier also tweeted his excitement: 'Seconded It was something special'.

Cara responded 'Thanks so much guys!! I am so excited! Ahhhh! X

Great to see everyone is on board!

Onwards and upwards for Cara, so happy for her, Paper Towns is set to hit the big screen in 2015! x

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