Friday, 3 October 2014



Hi everyone!!

It seems Kim K has had a very eventful week this week in Paris, with husband Kanye West, and family.

Firstly, being almost knocked to the ground by celebrity prankster Vitalli Sediuk.
Herself, and husband Kanye being booed for being late to the Lanvin show (awkward).

Now another story has emerged and there is a video to go along with it!

Did Kim forgot her one year old daughter North West in a hotel??
Looking at the footage,
from the looks of it she did?

I don't know, take a look for yourself..

Social media sites has gone crazy about the video, accusing Kim of being a bad mother..


I think this is just another situation that has been blown out of proportion.
Kim may have had a hectic week, but I don't think she would forget her daughter..
Maybe she was getting something, or checking to see if the way was clear to bring little North out..
It's amazing how things can be made out to be the opposite of what they actually are..


No statements have been released. I wonder Kim has to say about it all..

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