Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hi everyone..

Recent pictures of a non- photoshopped Beyonce have appeared online.. & it seems like everyone has an opinion.. Mostly negative..

Can we stop for a moment, & realise we are all human, imperfections and all..

I think the photos that surfaced of Beyonce are beautiful!
I feel like it is the makeup more so, that isn't doing the Queen B any justice, the woman has spots give her a break..

I noticed it is all women, (men don't care I know..) the same women who complain about the overuse of photoshop on celebrities & how we should embrace who we are..
So why is it, that now we see un-photoshopped pictures of Beyonce that all of sudden she doesn't live up to your expectations, that you're shocked to see the way she looks..
Remember with photoshop there are several people working on one photo perfecting every inch..

How can women like Beyonce embrace who they are if there is people out there who do so, critiquing a woman's appearance..

I have read endless articles on it & it seems like not one person has anything positive to say, that Beyonce should ''look a certain way'', the way ''we expect her to''..

I could go on forever, but I still think that Beyonce looks beautiful & that more celebrities should bare all & show girls that it is okay to embrace the way you look..

I do it myself..
Looking at photos, knowing well they are perfected yet beat myself up (not literally) on the way I look, just wishing I could be so perfect like the girls on the magazine..
Then I realized that it's okay to look the way I do, if I had a glam squad like most celebrities have on call nowadays it would make my life easier..

What are your thoughts, would love to know what you think..
Until Next Time..
Jen xo

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