Tuesday, 17 February 2015



Hi everyone..

Today I am going to be talking about one of my new obsessions..
The EOS Balm..

To my lovely readers from different countries, you may think I am starting late into the trend..
But as an Irish girl, the EOS balm has only come available in Ireland now & I love it!

Thank you to my lovely friend Annemarie for buying it for me!
 I was so happy to test it out & review it!

  1. My first initial thoughts when I opened it was, how much I love the cute, compact & egg shaped packaging. 
  2. It is a nice small size & perfect for throwing into your handbag..
  3. It has a screw off lid, which is perfect so it won't leak & get messy in your bag/ makeup storage..
  4. I love how it makes my lips feel, it is very moisturising & I love the flavour & scent that it has.(My flavour Eos is Passionfruit) DIVINE!! 

I cannot fault this product, I have been waiting for it to launch in Ireland for the longest time, & it was so worth the wait..
It is definitely worth trying if you are interested..

One thing I will say is, if you are a prone sufferer of very dry lips it would be best if you try out something stronger & use the EOS balm on the side as a top up during the day!
EOS balm will moisturise & hydrate your lips, but if you suffer with very dry, very flaky lips I would suggest something stronger if you know what I mean..

They are several different flavours to choose from.
From Strawberry Sorbet- Sweet Mint..

I love to apply my EOS balm directly onto my lips before lipstick, as I said in a previous blog post, preparation & care for your lips is so important & I love how it makes my lips feel..

Read my blog post on how to achieve perfect lips! (Link above).

I am an all matte finish kind of girl when it comes to lipstick..
Not really into picking my pieces of hair off my glossy lips in the wind girl. Not fun..

Especially when I am using my Velvet Teddy Lipstick from MAC Cosmetics, that is very matte,
I found that my lipstick application went on so much smoother when using my EOS balm first, without affecting the lipstick performance..

Overall I love the EOS balm, it makes my lips feel super smooth & hydrated..
So handy to have in your bag & compact..

Definitely worth trying out!

Until Next Time..
Jen xo

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