Thursday, 25 September 2014


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Poor Kim K got an awful fright as she, mother Kris, and husband Kanye were in Paris.
The video is doing the rounds on social media tonight, as it quickly spreaded, and you can clearly see Kim being grabbed!
The family were exiting their car for a Balmain show at Paris fashion week, when the incident occurred.

Watching the video it is clear that Kim was grabbed by her legs, while the male shouted for husband Kanye..

I think it's awful that Kim has to go through experiences like this. 
Basically living her entire life in front of the cameras, and having people who do this kind of thing really is awful.
Not to mention back in June, when Kim was a victim of a racism scandal, at the Vienna Ball that took place in Austria. When a man dressed in black pretended to be Kanye and was verbally racist and cruel! Also not to mention when Kim was on the plane and experienced a women shouting racial abuse towards her 1 year old daughter North West.
How disrespectful!

Sources claim that the man is known for being an Ukrainian prankster, who reportedly done this kind of thing to a number of celebs!
Vitalii Sediuk isn't denying the claims of his wrong doing on Instagram stating..
'' I hope Kim is OK, and won't be mad at me as I didn't mean any harm, Kanye is a lucky man as Kim is a goddess!''

Ehmm okay, well there is no talk of Kim pressing charges but hopefully next time when this happens she will do so, as it is simply unacceptable.. Dying to know what comments Kanye has to say!!

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