Monday, 16 February 2015


Hi everyone,

Just moments ago Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, a.k.a Lady Gaga revealed that she is engaged to her long term boyfriend 33 year old Taylor Kinney..

The beautiful heart shaped ring was given to Gaga on Valentine's Day..

The 28 year old beauty confirmed the engagement herself via Instagram, & other social media..
She posted a picture of the huge diamond heart shaped ring captioning it..
''He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day and I said YES!''..

The pair met back in 2011 on set of Gaga's ''You & I'' music video, shot in Nebraska..
Gaga & Kinney performed alongside each other in the racy video..
It was obviously love at first sight as they got together just months later, took a break in May 2012 & got back on track the following month..

Together ever since, they seem to be in love as ever, & what I love is that they seem happy together..

Kinney spoke about his Bride to be back in April 2014, saying..
''(She's) Someone who's always in your corner, that believes in you and your work, and vice versa''.
''You know, I love what she does and her work and music and charity. She inspires so many people including myself''..

Wishing the lovely couple all the best..
Until next time..
Jen xo

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