Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Hi everyone!

Perfect lips 101

Yes, that day is coming again.. Valentines.. Fantastic for some, & if you're like me, not so fantastic..
*Cue violins, & chorus of cats*

My plan is to go out with the girls, cause we independent women who don't need no man, but would love one at the same time..
The ones I like are always twice my age anyways, god damn it... Struggles..

On Valentines, your lips have to be in top shape, for obvious reasons of course, so that attractive biting the skin off your lips face you like to do, well your love most likely will not find that so attractive..

I recently got my hands on the Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush, after raving reviews & my god it is divine!!
It smells & tastes amazing, yes I did try to eat it... No shame..
It left my lips so smooth & soft, gets rid of any excess dead skin instantly..
A must have, especially for valentines!

Usually when you scrub your skin, especially for example when you scrub your tan off, your skin can feel pretty raw, & feel like it's lacking in moisture, the lip scrub is great but it's important to put that moisture back into your lips!

  1. Carmex: One of my all time favourites, it provides a long lasting feeling of moisture, available in different flavours, love the strawberry!
  2. Vaseline: Good Ol' Vaseline, the stuff is out years, oldie but a goodie, always have a tub of it in my handbag, leaves your lips super soft & smooth. Love, love, love the Cocoa Butter one!!
  3. Baby Lips: A fantastic lip product from Maybelline, leaves the lips so silky and moisturized, available in different colours. Perfect for Valentines day & a nice change from the harsh lipsticks! Available in Donaghmede Pharmacy for 3.99 (euro) bargain!
You can skip this step, but there's nothing I love better than to overline my lips, I feel instantly better about myself & I feel it brings my makeup together. The bigger the better when it comes to my lips!

If you're like me & love the bargains, one of my favourite everyday lip liners, is from Catrice for 2.99
(euro) they have a fantastic range of colours & they last so long! Available in Donaghmede Pharmacy. My favourite shade is Vintage Rose! Perfect nude colour..

Once a while, I have to treat myself to an expensive lip product it's a must..
I recently got my hands on MAC Cosmetics, Morning Coffee Lip Liner & I am very much in love.. If your willing to invest 20 euro for a good Lip Liner, MAC is the way to go!
It is a gorgeous, brown nude shade..

That title though.. hmm..
Of course I'm talking about the lip colour..If your going out for something to eat, & want your lips to last forever & ever, use these 3 steps!

  1. Preparation, use the above steps to prep the lips.. Using lipstick on dry unprepped lips, won't do anything for your lips & the product will wear away very quickly.. Scrub & Moisturise!
  2. Lip Liner, I love to overline my lips, but to also fill my whole lip in with lip liner in a shade close to my lip colour, & then apply my lipstick!
  3. The last & best tip of all is after applying your lipstick, hold a clean tissue (duhh) over your lips and lightly dust loose translucent powder, over the tissue. This steps works wonders, I like to apply my lipstick, powder, apply & powder.. I learned this fab tip, after talking with a customer in work, who said she used to work in a night club, & she used this step to ensure her lips stayed in place & it works so well! I use Rice Powder from Fuschia Cosmetics! 
Fab for making your makeup last all day!
Hope this helped & enjoy your day with your love.. Jen xo

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