Thursday, 12 February 2015


Hi everyone,


Not so long ago, I loved to watch my favourite film Matilda..

Since it's 1996 release Matilda has been loved all over the world by many & still today..

Today, I stumbled across a picture of Mara Wilson (27) who played 'Matilda' & Kiami Davael (28) who played 'Lavender' all them years ago..

The paired cosied up for a selfie, which Kiami posted on to her Instagram page, captioning it..
''Lunch date shenanigans, with my sis from another miss, Mara #LoveHer #LavenderAndMatilda #BFF #WeStillHangTough #AnyNegativityWillGetYouBlocked

It's lovely to see the girls still stay in close contact, following the 19 years since Matilda has been released..

       This might jog your memory, how cute!!

     The pair together for lunch!
Before & Now shot..
Before & Now shot..

Until Next Time..
Jen xo

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