Thursday, 26 February 2015


Hi everyone,

Katie Hopkins isn't one for holding back & it seems like Simon Cowell is either..

Earlier this month, the controversial Katie Hopkins stated..
''There is a role for Ms. Nasty on any panel. We don't have any good Miss Nasties at the moment because everyone wants to be sweet like Cheryl Cole''.
''They want to be loved.''
''It would be good to have someone different''.
''There is absolutely more TV coming up for me''.

In response Simon fired back in possibly the best comeback I've seen in a long time..
'' I would rather take a bath, fill it with vinegar, cut myself a thousand times, immerse myself slowly for an hour, than to work with her''. OUCH

I'm guessing that's a no then Simon..?

Katie then hit back at that comment, again their comeback skills are impeccable..
''Simon is not excited about having me around for @BGT. 
I was thinking of a new show, @LGBT. I think he'd be just perfect''.

What are your thoughts?
Would you watch BGT if Katie was on it?
I don't think I would.. I could see that ending very badly..
As long as Simon is in charge we don't have to worry.. ;)

Until Next Time,
Jen xo

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