Monday, 21 July 2014


I have literally tried every Foundation and BB cream on the market, ranging from brands like Essence to High End brands like Dior and Chanel. I don't mind spending the bit of extra money on Foundation because I believe your face is the most important canvas to makeup, and that with the right foundation you will look BEAUTIFUL!!

For the past few weeks I have been using the Garnier BB cream. I've had this BB cream a long time, but I have just started to use it again because it is warm where I am at the moment, and my regular foundation is too heavy for this weather! I am a huge fan of Garnier products, definitely try their products out! I have received so many compliments when I used this product, and it has boosted my confidence big time!

This BB cream is just beautiful. It has a very light and runny consistency, so beware of that when pouring the product out. I didn't know that and let's just say it was messy, and my lovely new white jeans got a surprise..

I would say this product is a good medium coverage, very buildable yet it looks natural and not cakey. It's the best coverage BB cream out there yet it shows your skin at the same time which I like. It is also long-wearing, I don't use powder personally, but if I did, it would be amazing! It has not broken me out at all!!

I chose the colour Medium. Which is so dark, I get away with it now because I am just home from the beautiful Fuertventura and back to the lovely weather Dublin has to offer *sarcasm*. I would definitely choose the colour Light to start off with and then apply bronzer if you need to add colour. I wish that there was more colours to choose from it's a shame since it is a great product! Also to add it would be great if there was a pump, it is in a tube which is still good, but with a pump you would have more control of the product!

This BB cream is available in chemists such as Boots, and supermarkets worldwide such as Tesco and is priced at  €9.33.  Prices may vary!

Great coverage.
Makes the skin look beautiful and healthy.
Causes no breakouts.
Feels light on the skin.
I could go on forever!!

Only comes in 3 colours.
Not a lot of control with pouring product very messy!
Excess product on the tube very messy!
Can leak if not closed properly, trust me, absolute HELL!

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