Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hair is an important feature. You can really stand out from the crowd, hair colour, hairstyles it's an endless cycle. But that's all well and good, but the condition of your hair is so important. Whether you have straight or super curly hair. This is my way of making my hair look great, and I am not afraid to say it! I have worked hard to get my hair to the condition it is in now and I have tried a million products on the market!!
For anyone who is wondering, my hair is naturally curly and frizzy if I don't style it!

Before putting products into your hair, a tip to remember is to DRINK MORE WATER!! The difference in my hair when I started drinking 2 and a half litres of water a day for 4 weeks, and I still do! Fantastic!!

 HAIR AND NAILS SUPPLEMENTS!! These are a great way to kick start a healthy revive for your hair! Any brand will do, I have tested a few brands, from Holland and Barrett, and places like Tesco. I know for a fact Kim Kardashian uses 'Hairfinity' so I'm dying to try that out! I have heard great reviews about this product and it claims to strengthen, add shine and growth to your hair! Sounds amazing! It takes a few weeks to get the supplements into your system so be patient and you will see the results!

The products I have used for my hair are really the most helpful to make my hair sleek!
Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Shampoo and Conditioner, this stuff is AMAZING! I remember the first time I used it and my hair was glistening, so sleek and shiny, I fell in love INSTANTLY! It kept my hair looking smooth until I washed it again 3-4 days later!

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray, again AMAZING! This is a heat protection enriched with Keratin with helps smooth out your hair, this is a great heat protectant, it really protects my hair while adding a sleek shiny look to my hair. I like to add it to dry hair too as a finishing touch!!

HAIR MASKS! I have tried different brands of hair masks but my all time favourite has to be, BEE STRONG by Herbal Essences. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!! I like to use a mask once a week. This particular mask really makes the hair look gorgeous, shiny, smooth sleek! It smells so good! I leave it in for ten minutes before washing it out, I like to use it after my regular shampoo and conditioner routine!!

Argan oil.. Oh my God, this stuff has to be my holy grail. The one I use is sold at the Penneys/Primark checkout for just 2 euro! Pick it up, honestly my hair is so smooth, silky and shiny after it! You only need a drop or two to work to the lengths of your hair. Do not put in your scalp area as it is oil and it will look oily, and we don't want that! I have tried other Argan Oils and didn't like them so I stick to this one always!!

That is all I have to say, just drink plenty of water, try out a hair supplement, try out this products and I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed! Hope you enjoyed this! Stay tuned for more!! x x x x

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