Saturday, 26 July 2014


Benefit, Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer!

I have never been into using primer. I love to use my Olay normal to dry skin Day Cream, on a daily basis as a base and that works well for me! After purchasing my first primer it has changed my Makeup life!!

The primer I am reviewing is the Benefit 'Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer' It retails for 35.50 euro!

This is like a magnet for your skin! It creates a great base for your makeup. Work in sections, I would recommend doing one half of the face at a time, because it sets quickly, that is the one thing I dislike about this product! I feel that my makeup looks great with this Primer, very fresh and even! It makes my skin feel smooth and even! I have Spot-prone skin and it hasn't broken me out! Another point I'll add, I feel like this product isn't 100% hygienic, because your applying the product directly onto the face everytime, and I feel like the bacteria and germs will build up, and eventually cause a breakout, I hope not!

This primer comes in what I would describe as a 'Pan stick' packaging, it is a retractable primer, and it's perfect for to throw in your bag, because it is so compact! The packaging design is fun and pretty!

I think this Primer created a great base for my skin, and it really made the foundation last all day! I use L'Oreal True Match on a daily basis and I love it! It is a long wearing Foundation, but after my day I find some parts of my skin the Foundation has worn out, with using the Primer, it really helped with that!
My skin felt so smooth and soft!

I would buy again if the product cost less than 35.50 euro, I would like to try out more primers before branding this as a Holy Grail product! Even though I do love this primer overall!

PROS?!                                         Cons?!
Great packaging.                             Sets quickly!
Compact.                                        Not hygienic.
Skin feels soft/smooth.                                                                
Makeup DOES last all day!
Prolongs makeup wear!  

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