Wednesday, 6 August 2014



Hi everyone today I am going to be talking about my brows. I get asked on how I do my brows and what products I use. My eyebrows are so dark already that people do think I fill them in, when in fact I only started to fill them in, the past 2 months after getting them waxed for the first time NEVER AGAIN!! I think brows are a very important feature and they help make a makeup look complete and frame your face. I never realized how much of a difference defined brows make to your face!!

This is a fantastic product, such a bargain too! I am in the colour 01 Black. It blends in great and looks so natural, I think this product does a great job and you should try it out before buying an expensive product! PRICE: 2-3 euro, available at Boots. 4 shades to choose from!

This again is an amazing product. I am in the shade 25. It is waterproof and won't budge all day! It makes my brows look lengthened, defined and thicker yet it looks natural! I would describe the formula as a creamy wax. Also this is available in 7 shades. It's on the pricier side being 20 euro but it is worth every penny! Also a little goes a LONG way, so you will definitely get your wear! If you're living in Dublin and wondering where the Makeup Forever store is located it is in Clarendon Street!

This is a brilliant product! I am in the shade Medium/Deep. I believe that there is 2 shades available! This is great for people that have sparse brows, because it actually creates hair like fibers that makes your brows look thicker and fuller!! So if you're lazy like me with your brows, you can apply this onto your brows and it looks great! It is very easy to apply! It is like a small mascara wand! It is priced at 24.50 euro and it is on the pricier side but worth it! It is available in Debenhams if you are from Ireland!

Above I discussed three great products I love. On a daily basis I like to use my Essence Brow pencil and then a quick coat of Gimme Brow if I need it. I love to use my Aqua Brow Kit by Makeup Forever on occasions as it is perfect for a night out, it lasts all day, as it is also waterproof and heatproof!!

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