Tuesday, 5 August 2014



Hi everyone, today I am talking about a High-End liquid foundation that I feel I need to share with you all. I have managed to buy 29 foundations over the past few years NO EXAGGERATION!! From brands like Essence to Estee Lauder.


This foundation is beyond amazing! I love it, I purchased this foundation of March of this year, and I have used it a lot over the past few months! I have not broken out at all! I am in the colour 3W1 Tawni.

This foundation lasts all day, NO TOUCH-UPS. It's crazy how much I check my makeup to make sure it looks it best, everytime I checked on my makeup, it looked just as good as the time I applied it! This Foundation is Medium to Full Coverage, buildable! This foundation is not thick, and feels so lightweight on the skin, which is great because normally foundations with good coverage like this foundation, normally feel thick, and even cakey, Mac Studio Fix for example, I love it yet I hate it!

I have freckles, pigmentation, and scarring from spots, and this foundation covered them beautifully, yet it looked so natural at the same time! I have combination skin if you are wondering!!

This product retails in Ireland for 37 euro, avaliable at Debenhams, and Brown Thomas.

This product is an investment but it is really worth the money, the coverage, that lightweight feel, the long wearing formula, this is an amazing product that you all need to try, and it's suitable for all age groups!

One complaint I do have is, it doesn't have a pump. It drives me insane when foundations don't have a pump, you can't control the product coming out, and I would expect a pump as it is an expensive product!

I wore this makeup from 11 a.m and this picture was taken at 1 O' Clock in the morning, no touch-up's needed! This foundation is truly beautiful!!                  

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