Monday, 11 August 2014


Hi everyone.
It brings me great sadness and grief to announce that the amazing Robin Williams has passed away.
I guess I didn't want to believe it, I was hoping that it was another celebrity that was victimized and put onto the list of yet another celebrity death hoax.
After reading several official websites for confirmation, like Sky News, The Irish Independent and Celebrities well known on Social Media such as Ellen DeGeneres I felt broken inside. I don't think I will ever get used to this news.

We live and we all die, that is that harsh reality that we face. The concept of death terrifies me. 
Robin Williams was such an amazing person and I think we can all agree Robin Williams is a person you will never want to let go of, even though he was 63, he had so much more to give. 

Robin's character, his personality his whole presence lit up a room, watching him in previous interviews,
he seemed so positive, friendly, upbeat, and always made time to make people laugh.

This brings me onto my next point, Robin is a sufferer of Depression, I was aware of this. 
I think a lot of people thought he was the happiest person on the planet, but this is the thing about mental health, a person has the ability to disguise it or make people aware of it. 
Robin was very private of his suffering, I believe it was because he didn't want to let anyone down, in the sense that he is known for being Robin, this intelligent, hilarious, talented man, and if this news got out, nobody would ever see him the same, and would think his whole career was all just a lie. 
I am not comparing myself to Robin's case, but I went though a dark time, and for me, the best medicine was to make people laugh!
I would make my friends and family laugh all the time, and it was such an uplifting feeling. 
That I have the ability to make people laugh, and for a few seconds maybe, just maybe whatever problems they may have will disappear.
Most of the time I make a complete idiot of myself just to make people laugh, and at the end of the day, if it makes someone smile then that is my job done.
Life without laughter is a life wasted. We as humans sweat the small stuff, too much!
Just stop, breathe and remember the times you laughed so hard that it hurt.

Everyone has this perception that celebrities life a perfect life, which I am not going to lie it is true in some cases, the money and success, it all all very nice. Imagine being Kim Kardashian say, you planned a family outing to spend time together, it could be the first time you spent with family in months because of a hectic work schedule. You go out, and you are surrounded by paparazzi, every single step and journey you make. Just imagine the strain Kim must feel. I remember reading an article that one day Kim was pictured in a tracksuit and the headline wrote 'Kim in sweats, she is gaining weight as her marriage crumbles' for example, like what is that?
I think that is disgusting, that as people we all wear our comfortable clothes but as soon as Kim Kardashian dresses down, these idiotic people seize the opportunity to make this a headline and feel the need to create nasty headlines. Just stop!
So think of Robin in this case, he suffers with Depression as I stated above, so just imagine he had a panic attack and had nobody there to confide in, so decides to go for a walk to clear his head.
As he walks, he is recognized and bombarded by paparazzi, in his face and feels claustrophobic, his stress levels build, he feels he can't take it anymore. This could lead to drug use, or an overdose of his medicine. 
You have to be tough to be in an industry like this, every move, person you date, breakdown, weight loss/gain is watched by the whole world, just imagine the whole world judging you, imagine that everywhere you go you are followed, harassed, taunted and bullied on Social Media.
 Depression in the public eye is very difficult and I feel like Robin felt that strain for sure.

It was believed that Williams, died by suicide due to Asphyxia. I done my research, *Asphyxia a condition of severely deficient supply of oxegen to the body that arises from abnormal breathing. An example of asphyxia is choking* It can be caused by several symptoms such as, carbon dioxide inhalation, a drug overdose, seizures that stop normal  breathing activity, contact with certain chemicals like, Pulmonary Agents such as Phosgene, suffocation, and Asthma. The lists goes on.
Police were called to the scene and are still unsure about the actual cause of death, and investigations will be taken place.

As I look back on Robin Williams career, it makes me smile. He was so intelligent, kind, hilarious and talented. He was so versatile, yes he was best at comedic films, but he showed us that there was another side to him, in the movie Patch Adams he showed that yes I can be funny, but I can be serious. 
Patch Adams I think is a very underrated Robin Williams film, I think it is one of his best portrayals. 
As a child I loved Aladdin, and Jumanji, but my favourite film of all time had to be Mrs.Doubtfire, I watched and watched and watched this film, I just loved it, as I child I loved Robin he was so funny, and he could portray different personas no problem!
This film will never get old in my eyes, his character, his talent will always be remembered and cherished.

I am still trying to get my head around Robin's death, it was so unexpected and tragic, may he rest in peace, and may his family find peace and comfort at this time. 
My thoughts are with his family and friends, and everyone who had the honour of meeting this truly inspirational man.

Always remember that if you feel alone or depressed, you can talk to someone.
You don't have to talk to Family or friends, there are helplines out there to help you.
They are available to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are completely confidential.
Remember you are loved, maybe sometimes you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, we all have our days.
You feel like you are so alone, you are not, you are loved and stronger than you know.
If you feel like you are going through a constant cycle of depression there is help out there.
You don't have to feel alone.
It helps to develop a passion or hobby.
For me that passion is music and blogging and I find walking and listening to my favourite singer Paolo Nutini on full volume helps!
I love to write music, and it even helps to write down your thoughts and feelings down if you don't feel like talking.
Never feel like you are a burden to anyone, your family and friends love you and want the best for you!
You are loved you are important, and never let anyone tell you otherwise!
Suicide is never the answer.

Childline: 1800 66 66 66
1 Life: 1800 24 7 100

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