Monday, 11 August 2014



Hi everyone, so it is that time of year again where The X factor is slowing creeping in on us, meaning that Summer is coming to an end and also the cold weather and darker nights *sigh*. I'm not going to lie it is a guilty pleasure of mine, and come on, who doesn't love Louis Walsh's famous lines 'You look like a popstar, you sound like a popstar' 'You remind me of a young ....'  'You are the next big boy-band'.

I am delighted that Cheryl is making her debut return to X Factor, I love her, and her love hate relationship with Simon!

It is also believed that Tulisa is making a comeback also, after being charged with drug abuse, getting arrested and attending court cases, she is now cleared, and apparently Simon Cowell is showing his softer side, by offering Tulisa a spot on the judging panel, or to help him in judges houses! Either way I think this will be a great opportunity for Tulisa to prove herself and show everyone she is a strong woman! Go Tulisa!


It is believed that Cheryl Cole will be mentoring the girls!! I think she is a great role model for the girls category so I am delighted with that!

Mr. Simon Cowell, will be taking on the over 25's, which I think it is a different route for him, but I am sure he will have no problems, and this category will be a great one for him, and he can spot the talent!

Mel B to mentor the boys! I am sure she will be delighted with that. To me, she comes across as being a tough, fearless woman, and if she has a problem she will say it! So I think the Boys will be perfect for Mel B, because she won't tolerate any messers, and she will be a great mentor. Love her!

Louis Walsh, and the Groups! I think Louis Walsh should always mentor the groups, I remember one year he got the Boys and I felt like it was uncomfortable, the song choices were tragic! So I am glad to hear he has the groups and I feel like he will be more modern this year *fingers crossed*. After getting work done, and his hair done, I am sure he feels 21 again, so lets hope that comes across with his song choices!

Jokes aside! I am delighted with the Category choices this year!

X factor is set to be on TV on the 31st of August, not too long now! Can't wait! x x x

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