Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Chris Martin- Sky Full Of Stars.

Hi everyone it's been a while!

In a recent interview with Coldplay's Chris Martin, (37) has revealed that no other than the stunning Katy Perry (30) inspired the chart topping hit, 'Sky Full Of Stars' no J-Law or Gwyneth, all Katy!

In a behind the scenes video Martin explains ''I'll tell you the truth I was listening to a lot of Katy Perry, a lot of her songs have the same chord sequence the whole time''.

''Your body feels comfortable with them and the melody is changing on top so there's like a groove that you really get into and then also you're kept interested''.

Don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't mind the lovely Chris to write a song for me, in fact it would be a dream come true. A girl can dream right??


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